Bethel Christian School




Early years are fun years!  …But also vital to future success. To fulfill students’ complex learning needs and help them reach their incredible learning potential, Bethel runs a hybrid-academic Preschool program.

Students enjoy periods of unstructured play time that studies have found so critical to the development of fine motor, critical thinking, and social skills, leading to well-rounded, emotionally healthy youths. This time is thoughtfully interspersed with structured individual, small group, and class learning times; the focus on critical math, language, and life skills provides the foundation for academic success in future school years.

Pre-K students are introduced to math through counting by ones or twos, identifying currency, and eventually learning the basics of addition through story problems.

Language art development introduces phonics through letter recognition, blends, and letter sounds, culminating in many Pre-K students reading simple sentences before Kindergarten.


Kindergarten builds upon this foundation, when students are introduces to addition and subtraction of multiple numbers, guesstimation, and story problems. Language arts development continues with a academically rigorous phonics program that produces reading Kindergarteners by the end of the year.

Whether playing house, counting by fives, negotiating over a favored toy, telling the months and seasons, tricycling through the playground, or reading a short story, every moment at Bethel Preschool is a learning moment, building skills for the future.

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