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Spiritual Development



Caring, Christian Teachers: All subject areas are taught from a Christian perspective by teachers who truly believe what they teach. Students are welcomed to ask questions or seek guidance from any one of our instructors.

Bible classes at all grade levels: Students of all grade levels participate in dedicated Bible classes in which students learn more of God's Word and His plans for us. As students grow older, instruction shifts to more heavily address the specific concerns students have about the Bible, Christianity, and life.

Weekly chapels: Each Monday, all secondary students attend chapel services. These include music ministry provided by the Chapel Ministries team and a message from one of our staff or guest speakers. This is a time for students to consider their beliefs, build their faith, and worship the Lord.

Chapel Ministries: This group of students serves the Lord through serving others, most visibly through support during weekly chapels. Other activities include fundraising or serving in various charitable causes such as homeless children, disabled people, or breast cancer. Students learn important life-lessons through this opportunity for servant-leadership.