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Performing Arts Department



Bethel Christian School is dedicated to enhancing creative talents within your child. Early music training has shown to develop areas of children's brains involved in linguistics, reasoning, and spatial intelligence, leading to greater student success in school, both now and in the future. Secondary students involved in music instruction have the added benefit of experiencing the lowest incidents of substance abuse, both during school and life-long.

To harness these tremendous benefits in your child, we offer a variety of opportunities in our Performing Arts Department, including choir, band, drama, art, and private music lessons. Please feel free to contact me at or (661) 942-2224 x5820, or call the office for more information about any of our programs.


Joyce Eggerth

Performing Arts Director



Junior High and High School Opportunities

Drama class is offered as an elective in the Junior High and High School divisions. The students learn all aspects of production, including lighting, sound, props, as well as acting. The students perform in a Christmas and Spring drama.

Choir is another elective opportunity for students. The children learn proper singing techniques while preparing music for Monday chapel services, and a Praise Fest. Your child will also participate in various other performances throughout the year.

Finally, a speech class is also available as an elective for this age group. Within this class, students are equipped to communicate using basic speech techniques. Students will learn interpretation characterization, poise, blocking, diction, and timing for oral speeches. Information, persuasive, demonstrative, and debate speeches are introduced as well as audition speeches, and theater production for future drama classes.

Chapel Praise Band

A special group of spiritual leaders and musically inclined students audition to take part in the Chapel Praise Band. The band leads worship each week in our Junior High and High School chapel services. They will also lead worship for an occasional Elementary Chapel and may be involved in other performances throughout the year.

Music Lessons

Private music lessons are a wonderful way to enhance your child’s education. Through learning to read music and playing an instrument, students benefit academically from improved concentration, attention to detail, self-discipline and achievement through hard work.

As a service to parents, we offer private music instruction throughout the school day. Your child may take a private music lessons in piano, guitar, and violin. These lessons are once a week, 30 minutes per session, and may occur before and after school. Our goal is to provide these lessons without interfering with class work.

School Band

Another great opportunity for music students is available in group band lessons. Students learn to listen to each other and play together in rehearsals and performances. Students in 3rd grade or higher may participate in beginning or intermediate group band.

With private music lessons and group band lessons, students can develop their artistic abilities while enjoying the added benefits to their academic efforts. To find our more, contact the school office or submit an online request for information. Music is a wonderful way to enhance your child’s education.