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Rigorous and Supportive Academics:
Bethel Christian High School (7th - 12th) is a rigorous college-preparatory program designed to equip students with the skills to succeed in college and life. Junior High directly prepares students for the responsibilities of high school, both in terms of academics and responsibility.

At the High School level, all students begin the 9th grade on the College Prep diploma track and are offered Advanced Placement courses as early at the 10th grade. For those students who struggle in areas, after school help from teachers, guidance support in planning, and summer intersession skill building are made available. Advanced students are encouraged to take advantage of our convenient location directly across from Antelope Valley College to further enrich and accelerate their education through dual enrollment.

Strong Guidance Program:
Bethel's guidance department smoothes the transition from elementary school to college with step-by-step support. Junior High students are encouraged and assisted when struggling, and challenged when excelling. CollegeBoard assessments, group sessions, and individual parent/student meetings beginning in the 9th and 10th grade lead to individualized plans for each student to achieve his or her goals.

These plans are followed up and built upon in the series of weekly Guidance meetings with juniors to better education and prepare students for the flurries of responsibilities that loom as they prepare for college. Finally, seniors benefit from an entire class period devoted to guiding students through the college selection and admissions process, application to private scholarships, loan counseling, and post-high school life.

Spiritual Development:
All Bethel courses are taught through a Christian world-view, and students participate in Bible classes and weekly chapel to learn more about the Bible, the Lord, and the Christian life. Those who desire to serve more directly may apply to join the Chapel Ministries Team, a credit-bearing class that practices servant-leadership through service to the school and the community.

Bethel provides unmatched accountability in these critical high school years. Small class sizes and caring teachers keep students on-task and productive. RenWeb, Bethel online grade management system, allows parents to keep current on their students' progress - down to the individual assignments; and if there is a question, our teachers are available via voicemail, email, or personal meeting, eager to resolve your concern.

CIF Athletics:
Bethel Christian School is a member of the CIF and Cross Valley Leagues on the High School level and the Antelope Valley Christian School Athletic League on the junior high level. Bethel sports are an opportunities for students to learn healthy habits, self-discipline, teamwork, and character under the guidance and leadership of caring coaches.

Secure Environment:
Our closed campus and watchful teachers ensure a safe, healthy environment for students. Safe teenagers are happy and productive teenagers.