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Computer Lab


The Bethel computer lab features twenty-five desktop computers that were installed in 2011.  Featuring Windows 7 and Pentium dual-core processors, the computer lab is capable of running myriad programs designed to engage students and assist them on the path to computing proficiency.

Typing (7th)

In seventh grade, all students take a typing class to learn to type using the touch-type method, emphasizing learning to type without having to look at the keyboard.  Bethel uses proven TypingMaster © software with exercises specifically designed to eliminate trouble areas with individualized training regimens.  Weekly speed and accuracy tests help instructors provide targeted assessment.

Microsoft Office Training (9th)

In the ninth grade, students take a University of California approved course that teaches in-depth use of the Microsoft Office suite.  With training in shortcuts to work more efficiently, advanced formatting, linking documents, writing formulas in spreadsheets, and presentation design, the course enables students to excel in their written work in high school, college, and beyond.