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Bethel students lead active and enriching lives. During our students’ junior high and high school years, Bethel provides special opportunities for the development of community spirit and the enrichment of their education. These special events bring fulfillment to students’ lives and form memories that will last a lifetime.  Here are examples of recent trips and activities, as well as upcoming events.


Europe Trip - 9th-12th grade: Students (and parents!) are invited to join our Europe Trip, touring England, France, and Scotland in several fast-paced, incredibly enriching days. An exciting event that will provide a lifetime of memories!

East Coast Trip - 9th - 12th grade:  Students and parents explore the history of the United States in the Washington D.C. area with an emphasis on the Christian impact of our founding fathers.  They also experience the excitement of New York City and some of it's popular attractions. 

California Road Trip - 11th/12th grade: Tour the coastal region of California, learning more about the rich heritage of our own home state while enjoying museums, activities, and centers.


Los Angeles Adventure - 9th/10th Gr: Enjoy all those landmarks and activities others travel around the world for, in our own “backyard”!  This Adventure includes admission to multiple theme parks, to aquariums, and games, as well as plenty of fun and fellowship!

San Diego Retreat - 9th-12th Gr: Explore the beautiful San Diego Bay, enjoying fine dining, trips onto the bay, and the sights and sounds of San Diego!

Sacramento / San Francisco Trip - 8th Gr: Students and parents are invited on this exciting trip to our state’s Capital and the Bay Area! Learn more about the founding of our state, enjoy the many attractions of San Francisco, and form lasting memories with your friends.

Salute to Youth Career Day - 10th-12th Gr: Offered in conjunction with AVUHSD and LA World Airport, this half-day session at Site 9, Palmdale, provides students with a remarkable opportunity to browse static and dynamic displays from a variety of career fields and colleges. Students gather materials, form connections with representatives, and interview successful members of their dream professions.

College Orientation Day - 12th Gr: Offered in conjunction with Antelope Valley College, future graduates attend a full day of sessions providing students with in-depth discussion about college life and preparation – from the college perspective.  Topics covered include, but are not limited to, types of diplomas and their requirements, financial aid and how to obtain it, tips for success in college and university, and a detailed walk-through of the process of registering for college and signing up for classes. Students who chose to attend AVC are placed on a track toward priority registration.

Math Field Day - 9th-12th Gr: Top math students at Bethel are invited to attend the Lockheed Martin/Antelope Valley College Math Field Day, in which the cream of the mathematical crop in the Antelope Valley compete in various tests. After a presentation from the yearly engineering guest, top achievers are honored at the on-site ceremony and featured in the Antelope Valley Press.

Science Field Day - 7th-12th Gr: This on-site “field trip” features a full day of hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) competition amongst student-selected groups. Participants travel amidst twenty or more individual stations, solving problems by working with gears and levers, launching (safe) rockets, solving (mock) murder mysteries via CSI-style chemistry skills, performing digitally simulated surgery, exercising teamwork skills, and much, much more!

Homecoming Week - 7th-12th Gr: Support school spirit! This week-long event of special days (Twin day, Pajama Day, Sports Day, Decades Day, and more), treats, and activities – culminating in the annual Homecoming Flag Football Extravaganza – celebrates how proud we are of our school.

Homecoming Banquet - 9th-12th Gr: The final capstone of Homecoming week, this event planned by our seniors honors the student-elected Homecoming Court in a fresh way each year.

Spring Banquet - 10th-12th Gr: This three day, two night event honors our seniors and provides plenty of fun! Students enjoy a formal banquet at Downtown Disney; plenty of magical fun at Disneyland, and some relaxed time at some of the many beautiful shopping establishments in Anaheim, California.

And many more field-trips throughout the year!