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Investing in Your Child's Future!


Academic Counseling

We are pleased to be able to individually guide each student through the Jr. High and High School years and the transition into college. We offer assistance in college selection and application, career and major selection, and financial aid searches. Students and parents are encouraged to make an appointment with the Guidance Office at the end of the school year or during the summer. Early and continued planning for the four-years of high school will help prepare the student for a successful entry into the college of his or her choice.


Bethel offers many opportunities for students to develop personally, academically, and professionally. Our students enjoy many advantages that help them "stand out" in the college admissions process and the workplace interview, including concurrent college enrollment; local professional internships; city-, valley-, and state-wide competitions in math, science, and speech; science and engineering workshops with local college and university campuses, youth positions in the city government, and more!



Current and former students and alumni may request a transcript of high school credit completed at BCS. Transcript requests must be in writing and signed by the student or by the parent if the student is under 18. There will be a $3 fee for each transcript requested. However, BCS graduates may request one transcript to be sent free of charge. Transcript request forms are available in the school office and downloadable on the website.


Graduation Requirements and Diplomas Offered

Bethel Christian High School offers two types of diplomas designed to prepare students for whatever they desire to pursue after high school. The College Prep diploma meets or exceeds all requirements of the University of California system and most prestigious universities. The Standard Diploma meets or exceeds all requirements of the State of California and enables students be enrolled in a wide variety of colleges, universities, the military, and other institutions which require a high school diploma. Diplomas and credits issued by BCHS are from an accredited institution and all academic courses are U.C. approved. Our goal is to help students develop a biblical world view through a good foundation in a broad range of subject areas.