Bethel Christian School


High School Academics



Junior High

Students in the 7th and 8th grade complete a thorough pre-College Prep schedule to prepare them for success in high school. Formal Typing and Study Skills classes provide 7th grade students with immediate competencies to support their secondary learning. United States History and World History courses provide students with the foundational knowledge necessary to succeed in High School’s Advanced Placement (AP) versions of the course. The rigorous science curriculum exceeds state requirements and integrates lab work familiarizing students with the scientific methodology necessary for success in High School College Prep science courses.


Bethel’s English and Language Arts courses include emphases on grammar, composition, and literature, preparing students for AP English Language and Composition and AP English Literature and Composition. In the 8th grade, students complete a year of Introductory Spanish, laying the groundwork for High School foreign language courses. Junior High students take an accelerated math course that provides additional Algebra support for those who struggle, while positioning strong math students to enroll in the math course of their choice in high school.






High School

All High School academics are approved by the University of California (UC) system after a rigorous review process, ensuring acceptance of all credit by both UC and California State universities. Ninth grade students begin a College Preparatory track covering all academic areas. AP opportunities begin in the 10th grade, with six AP courses currently in rotation. Students learn their foreign language from native speakers, take advanced science courses from licensed scientists, and complete a High School course of mathematics tailored to their needs and potentials, with courses through AP Calculus offered to all students.


Students graduate Bethel High School thoroughly equipped intellectually, academically, and emotionally for success in college and beyond.

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