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Student Life at BCS!

Bethel students lead active and enriching lives. During our students’ junior high years, Bethel provides special opportunities for the development of community spirit and the enrichment of their education, forming lifelong memories along the way.



Our annual Retreat on Campus serves as an ice-breaking team builder where new junior high students get a taste of our student life Bethel and everyone has time to bond with their classes through a day of fun activities.


Throughout the school year, our junior high students have to opportunity to hear from a variety of speakers and participate in class competitions, rallies, and chapels. Also see Spiritual Development.

    Athletics & Intramurals

Junior high athletics and intramurals gives students the opportunity to learn valuable skills and build character, all while working on building physical fitness into their lives! Also see Athletics.

    Student Council

The student council exists for the purpose of promoting good school spirit and morale, assisting in the development of a good social life, developing leadership and service skills in students, and encouraging cooperation between the students, faculty, and administration. The student council enjoys working though the year to plan and sponsor events and activities for the betterment of the student body. Members must meet certain academic and citizenship qualifications.

    Christmas Party

After a challenging semester, our junior high unwinds at the annual Christmas party, with music, light-hearted competition, and plenty of good cheer!


Students get fancy for this formal event, which gives students the chance to socialize and practice being ladies and gentlemen at an off-campus venue.

    The Wrap

Each year is "wrapped up" with a fun-filled day of games, competitions, water fights and food. It's one last chance to enjoy Bethel's student life and spend time with classmates before summer break!