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History of BCS

Bethel Christian School was founded in 1979 by Bethel Baptist Church in order to provide children with a quality education and share the good news of Jesus Christ with students and their families.

Exciting Beginnings


In its first year, the school's four teachers and 67 students met in what is now the School Office.  By September of 1980, enrollment had grown to 150 students, and construction of the Library and two additional classrooms were completed.  During the 1980s, Bethel purchased five additional acres and built the large central Auditorium, which also houses the kitchen and more classrooms, as well as several new modular buildings.  These property acquisitions and construction projects equipped the school with a gymnasium, ball field, two playgrounds, and 40,000 sq ft of classroom and office space, all spread out over nine acres of premiere real estate.

Surging Toward the Future


BCS is always moving forward—the ongoing transformation of our campus is proof!  More recent improvements include installation of security gates and cameras, construction of shaded outdoor seating areas for students, repaving projects, and a technological makeover, including the purchase of new technologies for classrooms and the computer lab.  In 2017, BCS revamped the campus yet again, installing a brand new state-of-the-art floor in the Gymnasium and bringing our school up to date!

For nearly 40 years, our constantly evolving campus has been a hub of young life and activity from September to June, as we prepare our students to become the next generation of leaders—academically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually!