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Performing Arts

Performing Arts Department

Weekly music classes are enjoyed by our elementary students. Students are introduced to the instruments of the orchestra and basic music theory. Students also prepare and perform for various holiday programs throughout the year.

1st-3rd Grades
The children within these age groups meet once a week for the first semester. The class consists of music appreciation and some light theory, while practicing music for their Fall Praise Festival program.

4th-6th Grades
These children are exposed to excellent musical opportunities. The music classes meet once a week for the second semester. Children continue with music appreciation and some light theory while preparing for the Easter Music Program.


Advantages of Music Training 

Bethel Christian School is dedicated to enhancing creative talents within your child. Early music training has shown to develop areas of children's brains involved in linguistics, reasoning, and spatial intelligence, leading to greater student success in school, both now and in the future. 

Secondary students involved in music instruction have the added benefit of experiencing the lowest incidents of substance abuse, both during school and life-long. To harness these tremendous benefits in your child, we offer a variety of opportunities, including choir, band and private music lessons. Please feel free to contact me at or (661) 942-2224 x5820, or call the office for more information about any of our programs.


Private Music Instruction

As a service to parents, we offer private music instruction throughout the school day. Private music lessons are a wonderful way to enhance your child’s education. Through learning to read music and playing an instrument, students benefit academically from improved concentration, attention to detail, self-discipline and achievement through hard work.


Your child may take private music lessons in voice, piano, guitar, violin, and various other instruments. These lessons are once a week, 30 minutes per session, and may occur before school, after school, or during a recess time. Our goal is to provide these lessons without interfering with his/her class work.


With our elementary music classes, private music lessons and group band lessons, students can develop their artistic abilities while enjoying the added benefits to their academic efforts. For more information, contact the school office or submit an online Request for Information.

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