Bethel Christian School


Program Highlights



Math skills emphasis: An integrated mathematics curriculum from first through sixth grade prepares students with strong foundational skills, while challenging critical thinking and reasoning. Students complete the sixth grade confident in their most essential elementary math skills and even versed in introductory Algebra, leading to junior high and high school success.

Targeted reading and language skills development: Reading is the key to all learning; therefore all Bethel students are involved in a large variety of linquistic development. Reading with parents, group reading, teacher-led reading, and visits to the school library all build upon a strong continuation of the phonics approach, unlocking the path to all learning.

Computer instruction: Weekly computer lab lessons at all grade levels encourage computer literacy and strong digital ethics. Students learn the basic operation of a computer, identification its component parts, how to operate important office suite products, introductory typing, and responsibility in a digital age. 

Introduction to Spanish: First through sixth grade enjoy weekly foreign language lessons, focusing on greetings and basic vocabulary. Students enjoy learning that there are multiple ways to describe the world and to communicate with others about it.

Performing arts emphasis: Weekly group lessons with our caring, engaging music teacher introduce students to the elements of music - timing, tone, rhythm, and words - applying and developing these concepts through the practice of new songs each year, culminating in music performances for student and parent enjoyment. Optional band and private music instruction are available for students to fully develop their artistic gifts.

Physical education: Regular P.E. sessions keep students active and engaged, while teaching important lessons for life-long health and success. Stretching, teamwork, staying hydrated, and having fun within the rules of a game are reinforced weekly.

Intramural sports: Optional after school programs by our experienced coaches focus on teaching students the basic rules and skills of each sport and the philosophies of teamwork, self-discipline, and practice.  Volleyball and basketball intramurals are available.

Bible classes: We are never too young to learn of God's love for us. Every Bethel class includes Bible lessons, introducing students to important concepts about God's character, His love for us, and the love He wants us to show others.


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