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Field Trips

Off-site field trips are planned for all students grades one through six.  Every field trip connects to and supports the curriculum, giving students a hands-on, engaging extension of what is learned in the classroom.  Some examples of field trips may include

    •    Aquarium of the Pacific
    •    California Science Center
    •    Lancaster Performing Arts Center
    •    Los Angeles Zoo
    •    Museums
    •    Planetarium and LA Griffith Observatory

Field Days/Swimming

Antelope Valley College Physical Education Department works with upper elementary students four sessions each fall and spring. AVC students plan games and activities to teach BCS students new skills, enhancing the physical education program of the school. In the spring, 5th and 6th grade students are invited to participate in swim lessons through the Water Safety Instructor (WSI) course. Students are offered three swim sessions. Students are prepared and ready for summer!

Captain Carl's Mobile Tide Pool (1st - 3rd)

Baby sharks, starfish, eels! Sea cucumbers, sponges, crabs! You never know what you’ll find – and touch! – at Captain Carl’s mobile tide pool. This on-site “field trip” provides exciting hands-on learning for students. Captain Carl gives students a unique experience of marine life.


Art Festival

Let your creativity shine!  K through eighth grade students participate in our annual Art Festival, where their masterpieces are displayed with pride. Parents are invited to an Award Assembly where students in each grade level receive placement ribbons for their artwork.


Encourage healthy habits and support your school!  Our annual Jog-A-Thon takes place in early October.  Each student participating receives a Jog-a-Thon T-shirt, and prizes are awarded for different category winners.  Funds raised are used to enhance technology and learning in the classrooms.

Science Fair (3rd-6th)

Students learn to hypothesize, write reports, and build projects.  Projects are then showcased and judged, and awards are presented to winners during an awards assembly that parents are invited to attend.

Intramural Sports: Volleyball and Basketball (4th-6th)

Optional after school programs by our experienced coaches focus on teaching students the basic rules and skills of each sport and the philosophies of teamwork, self-discipline, and practice.  Our intramural sports are volleyball and basketball.  Each participant receives an intramural t-shirt!

Science Lab (1st-6th)

Elementary students are invited to the junior high science lab for hands-on lab experimentation.  Experiments are an extension of textbook learning and provide an opportunity for students to discover scientific methods and processes.