Bethel Christian School





A strong language arts focus equips students with the keys to understanding. Students learn to read fluently through a rigorous phonics program in early elementary, then practice expressing themselves clearly and purposefully in legible writing, with composition lessons starting as early as the third grade. Students complete sixth grade able think critically about what they have read, then communicate their conclusions confidently in oral or written form.


Math can be a struggle for some students, but Bethel’s hands-on math program in lower elementary helps forge those critical connections between the numbers on the page and the concepts in real life. Students then build on these underlying concepts through a highly differentiated upper elementary curriculum that serves all student ability levels. Students complete sixth grade with vital foundational mathematical skills, and strong introductory algebra aptitude that leads to success in secondary math.

Bethel’s use of A Beka curriculum in science and history examines past events and present evidences through a Biblical, Christian perspective without sacrificing academic integrity. Concepts learned in the textbook come alive as students participate in regular hand-on projects in our fully equipped high school science lab, led by a retired professional scientist.

Physical education and art are integrated at all grade levels through a full, cohesive curriculum that builds over the years. Students learn the importance of good health, teamwork, and sportsmanship just as consistently as techniques of painting and the style of history’s great artists.

Most importantly, learning the mind of Christ is the core of all we do. Not only are all subjects taught through the Christian world-view with regular Biblical applications, but Bethel also incorporates an integrated, structured Bible curriculum that takes students through the Bible across the elementary years. From the creation of the world to the birth, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ, students learn important facts and principles from the Bible, memorize weekly Scripture verses, and participate in weekly chapel services.

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