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BCS Preschool Fine & Performing Arts

Performing Arts & Music


Early music training has been shown to enhance the linguistics, reasoning, and spatial intelligence centers of the brain, resulting in greater academic success. 

At BCS, we are dedicated to fostering creative talents within your child.  In weekly music classes, children are introduced to instruments, composers, and the basics of music theory.  Students also prepare for and perform in various programs throughout the year.

Fine Arts in the Preschool Classroom


Creating and being creative are critical to whole-child development! 

The fine arts are alive and well at BCS, where our classroom teachers lead children of all ages in exploring color, texture, and the creative process through a variety of art projects.  You won't have to look very far to see student-created artwork on our campus!

Private Music Instruction


Music lessons are a strategic way to enhance your child’s education.  Studies show that learning to read music and play an instrument or sing improves concentration, attention to detail, self-discipline and academic achievement.

For an additional fee, BCS offers weekly 30-minute private music lessons, which may take place before school, after school, or during recess.  Our goal is to provide these lessons without interfering with classroom instruction.  The lessons offered vary based on teacher availability, and limited slots are available.  Pick up an application for private music lessons at the School Office today, or fill out a Request for Information to learn more!

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