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BCS Junior High Fine & Performing Arts

Involvement in the arts is an integral part of a well-rounded education, and at BCS, all of our junior high students get a taste of both visual and performing arts! 

Beyond the inherent value it adds to our lives, training in the arts has brain benefits as well.  For example, early music training encourages development of the parts of children's brains controlling linguistics, reasoning, and spatial intelligence, leading to greater student success in school.  Such training helps with social adjustment as well: children who receive music instruction have decreased lifelong incidence of substance abuse.



It's a different kind Junior High drama...drama that builds confidence and stimulates the imagination! 

This 8th grade course begins with a brief introduction to the key terminology of theater, and then goes on to emphasize the development and control of non-verbal communication, visualizing, storytelling, teamwork, flexibility and improvisation.  The class culminates in the production of a play, which is performed for the elementary students.

Photography and Cinema


This 7th grade course blends the visual and performing arts with technology.  It briefly explores the histories of film-making and photography, and delves into aspects of photographic composition, from lighting and shadows to contrast and perspective.  Students experiment by taking and analyzing their own photographs and those of their classmates. 

The class also analyzes classic movies from the 1950’s to the present, informed by basic instruction on screenwriting, directing and various cinematic genres.  Plus, students get an up-close look at cinematic production at its best, with a trip to Universal Studios!

ACSI Creative Writing Festival


Writing is yet another way of creating and expressing artistic gifts! 

In the classroom, students have the chance to hone their creative writing skills while learning important English skills. In the ACSI Creative Writing Festival, young writers' work is evaluated by judges, with superior works in each division and category advancing to the regional level.  Select poems, essays, and short stories are even published!

Private Music Lessons


Music lessons are a strategic way to enhance your child’s education.  Studies show that learning to read music and play an instrument or sing improves concentration, attention to detail, self-discipline and academic achievement.

For an additional fee, BCS offers weekly 30-minute private music lessons, which may take place before or after school for Junior High students.  The lessons offered vary based on teacher availability, and limited slots are available.  Pick up an application for private music lessons at the School Office today, or fill out a Request for Information to learn more!

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