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Preschool (3-4 years old)

Our Preschool program combines academic curriculum with fun socialization activities and character development, fostering well-rounded, emotionally healthy children.  Children flourish in a structured, nurturing environment and learn best when learning is made fun and boundaries are clearly defined.  At Bethel, we encourage children to be kind, respectful, “first-time” listeners, and to learn to function independently.

Children learn phonemic awareness and vocabulary through reading, letter and sound recognition, number concepts and critical thinking skills.  These concepts are taught in fun, creative ways to foster a love for learning.  The classroom is an ideal environment for children to learn how to cooperate, share with their peers, and solve problems.  These life skills are practiced daily through

  • Activity Centers:  Children use their creativity in art, explore in science, use their imaginations in dramatic play, and practice small motor skills using manipulatives and child-friendly scissors.

  • Circle Time:  Children practice listening skills during story time, develop comprehension skills by answering questions about stories, and develop language skills through open-ended questions and other activities.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Playtime:  Children learn to play together and cooperate in a positive and considerate way while playing games, building with blocks, participating in music and movement, playing in the sand, practicing balance and coordination skills, riding tricycles, and so much more!

For more information about our Preschool Program, visit our Highlights page or get a taste of Preschool Student Life!