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Pre-Kindergarten (4-5 years old)

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program combines a strong academic curriculum with rich, stimulating hands-on activities.  Children learn best in a structured and nurturing environment where learning is fun and boundaries are clearly defined.  At Bethel, we encourage children to be kind, respectful, and “first-time” listeners.

English Language Arts (ELA)

In Pre-K ELA, children learn reading skills through literature, letter and sound recognition, encoding and decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, rhyming, and story sequencing.  Our curriculum provides a variety of classic stories that help children learn to identify characters, setting, and key plot elements.  This enriched curriculum fosters a love for reading and sets the foundation for Kindergarten.  Penmanship is also incorporated for children to practice writing skills such as proper letter formation and writing their names.


Young children are concrete learners; they need to be involved in the learning process by doing, touching, and using tangible objects.  Our Pre-K math curriculum accelerates student understanding of math concepts and critical thinking skills using hands-on manipulatives.  The curriculum's incremental approach introduces and reviews foundation math concepts:

  • Sequencing
  • Writing numbers 0-20
  • Identifying and creating patterns
  • Sorting and measuring
  • Telling time by the hour
  • Simple addition and subtraction

Allowing time for review and practice helps students to retain math concepts, develop mathematical reasoning, demonstrate understanding, and apply knowledge.

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