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Kindergarten Academics (5-6 years)

Our Kindergarten Program builds on the foundation laid in Pre-K and continues to combine a strong academic curriculum with rich, stimulating hands-on activities.  Children learn best in a structured and nurturing environment where learning is fun and boundaries are clearly defined.  At Bethel, we encourage children to be kind, respectful, and “first-time” listeners.

English Language Arts (ELA)


In Kindergarten, students strengthen their reading, vocabulary, and comprehension development through a literature-based curriculum.  Students review letter and sound recognition and progress into blending, encoding and decoding words, sight words and spelling, sentence and story structure, and writing skills.  Our ELA curriculum provides a variety of stories that help children learn to identify plot, characters, setting, and theme.  This enriched curriculum fosters a love for reading and sets the foundation for the future.



Young children are concrete learners; they learn best by doing, touching, and handling.  In Kindergarten, we use a 1st grade manipulative-based math curriculum that teaches higher-level math concepts and critical thinking skills.  Its incremental approach introduces concepts such as numbers and operations, measurement, geometry, patterns, simple algebra, statistics, and problem solving.  Allowing time for review and practice helps students to retain math concepts, develop mathematical reasoning, demonstrate understanding and apply knowledge.

Performing Arts


At BCS, we foster a love for music in our students.  In addition to the enjoyment music provides, early music training has shown to develop areas of children's brains involved in linguistics, reasoning, and spatial intelligence...and that leads to greater success in school!  Plus, older students who receive music instruction have significantly decreased incidence of substance abuse over the course of their lives.

Music is truly powerful!

In our performing arts program, students are introduced to the basic elements of music and drama while learning to sing and perform as a group.  Students present their songs and skits to an audience of family and friends in evening performances that are a highlight of the year.

Private Music Lessons


We offer private music instruction throughout the school day, a wonderful way to enhance your child’s education!  Through learning to read music and play an instrument, students benefit from improved concentration, attention to detail, self-discipline and achievement through hard work.

Private lessons vary due to teacher availability.  Lessons are once a week for 30 minutes per session, and may occur before or after school, or during recess.  Our goal is not to interfere with classroom instructional time.  For more information, contact the School Office.

BCS Tutoring Program


During the school year and summer, our BCS Tutoring Program supports students who are struggling by providing one-on-one instruction and support.  Tutoring request forms are available at the front desk.

For more information on our Kindergarten program, check out our Elementary Student Life page!