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Junior High Academics

Our junior high academic program compasses a thorough pre-College Prep schedule.  As a result, students are thoroughly equipped intellectually, academically, and emotionally for success in high school and beyond.

English Language Arts (ELA)


Our ELA courses emphasize developing confident knowledge and skill in composition for a variety of purposes, English grammar and mechanics, and comprehension and analysis of all kinds of literature.  Successful students are well prepared to enter Advanced Placement courses in high school.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, Math)


Science & Engineering

Our rigorous and exploratory science curriculum exceeds state requirements and integrates hands-on lab work, familiarizing students with the scientific methodology necessary for success in high school college prep science courses.  We alternate from year to year between a year-long course in Life Science and a year-long course in Physical, Earth and Space Science.

Life Science is a pre-biology exploration of plants, animals, ecology, genetics, human anatomy and physiology, and includes dissection of worms and frogs.  Physical, Earth and Space Science lays the groundwork for high school chemistry, physics and engineering.


The modern educational system and job market require students to master skills in using and leveraging technology.  At BCS, we help students build these skills.  Our junior high computer class goes beyond typing skills and delves into practical skills such as programming, coding, and using Microsoft Office.  Our photography and cinema course blends the visual and performing arts with exploration of the technology behind excellent photography and cinematography.


Our junior high math program lays a strong foundation of skills and competencies students need to succeed in high school math and beyond.  Our focus is on providing high level math instruction that positions gifted math students for accelerated high school math courses, while providing help for students who need additional support.

The Arts

Involvement in the arts is an integral part of a well-rounded education, and at BCS, our junior high students get a taste of both visual and performing arts.  In 7th grade, students take a semester-long photography and cinema class, while 8th grade students will spend a semester learning about drama and theater, and culminating in a drama production performed for the elementary school students.



Both of our year-long US History and World History courses (alternating years) provide students with the foundational knowledge necessary to succeed in high school history courses, including Advanced Placement US History and Advanced Placement European History.

7th Grade Highlights


Our 7th grade computer technology course moves beyond keyboarding skills, delving into practical skills such as programming, coding, and using Microsoft Office Suite.

Photography and Cinema

This course blends the visual and performing arts with technology.  It briefly explores the histories of film-making and photography and delves into aspects of photographic composition, from lighting and shadows to contrast and perspective.  Students will experiment by taking and analyzing their own photographs and those of their classmates.  The class will also analyze classic movies from the 1950’s to the present, informed by basic instruction on screenwriting, directing and various cinematic genres.

Game Design and Strategy

This course involves both exploring the themes and strategies of various games and the design of an effective game.  Students will play a variety of games, learning to plan, strategize, think quickly, work in teams, and gain confidence.  Students will also analyze the mechanics of effective games and design games of their own.

8th Grade Highlights



Our drama course begins with a brief introduction to key terminology of theater.  It goes on to emphasize the development and control of non-verbal communication, visualizing, storytelling, teamwork, flexibility and improvisation, all while building confidence and stimulating the imagination.  The class also produces a play that is performed for the elementary students.

Exploration Modules

The objective of this course is to expose students to a wide variety of themes and provide both instruction and hand-on experience.  Weekly modules may include topics such as the basics of camping and survival skills, introduction to mechanics, life skills such as cooking and doing repairs, and various field trips and local excursions, etc.

Introductory Spanish

This year-long course lays the groundwork for high school foreign language courses.

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