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Elementary Academics (1st - 6th grade)

English Language Arts (ELA)


Our strong ELA focus equips students with the keys to understanding and communication.  Students learn early on to read fluently through our advanced early elementary phonics program.  They then learn to write with clarity and purpose through composition lessons and practice.  By the time students complete 6th grade, they are able to think critically about texts and communicate their ideas with confidence.

Accelerated Reader (AR) Program

Leaders are readers! 

The BCS AR program motivates students to read independently at their own pace, while challenging them to reach new personal bests!  Students can use library time to check out books and take AR reading quizzes on the library's computers, while feedback helps students set and achieve new goals.

Spelling Bee

Our top spellers (5th-8th) compete against other schools in the annual District Spelling Bee for a chance to participate in the Final Spell-Off.  The top four spellers in the District Bee go on to Regionals to compete for a chance to advance to Nationals!

Creative Writing

In the ACSI Creative Writing Festival, young writers' work is evaluated by judges, with superior works in each division and category advancing to the regional level.  Select poems, essays, and short stories are even published!



Bethel’s hands-on math program in lower elementary helps forge critical connections between numbers on a page and real-life concepts.  Students build on these foundations in our upper elementary curriculum, which challenges gifted students while providing pathways to success for those who struggle.  By the end of 6th grade, students are equipped with solid foundational mathematical skills and even an introduction to basic algebra. 

Math Olympics

Each year, our top math students spend weeks preparing for the annual Math Olympics, where they compete with other schools for top honors in math skills.

Science & History


Bethel’s science and history curricula examine past events and current advances from a Christian perspective, while upholding high standards of academic integrity. Concepts come alive as students participate in regular hand-on projects in our fully equipped science lab.

Physical Education & Intramurals


The importance of good health and physical wellness is emphasized for all students.  Active students run off excess energy during regular PE classes in our fully equipped gymnasium, while learning the importance of good health, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  BCS also offers several after school intramurals.

Extra-curricular volleyball and basketball intramurals are also offered, teaching students the basic rules and skills of each sport, as well as the philosophies of teamwork, self-discipline, and practice.



Not every child is a born visual artist, but all children have the ability and create and express themselves through the visual arts.  We foster an appreciation for the arts at BCS, teaching students basic techniques of artistic creation, based on the styles of history's great artists.

Spiritual Development


Just as we build into the academic, emotional and physical development of our students, we also foster their spiritual development as essential to balanced, purposeful living.  Students receive regular Bible teaching regarding the basics of the Christian faith and the scriptures.  We encourage students to use their budding intellect and moral compass to consider these teachings for themselves, and we equip them with the knowledge to make well-informed choices for a meaningful life.

Past Service Opportunities:
  • Pennies for Patients: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

  • Operation Christmas Child: Shoebox gifts for children in need worldwide

  • Visits to Assisted Living facilities

  • Fundraisers for Disaster Relief

  • Chapel offerings for community outreach programs such as Grace Resources and CareNet Pregnancy Resource Center

Introduction to Spanish


1st-6th grades receive weekly foreign language lessons, focusing on greetings and basic vocabulary.  Students enjoy learning that there's more than one way to communicate, and especially love cultural lessons that broaden their understanding of the world.

Performing Arts


At BCS, we foster a love for music in our students.  In addition to the enjoyment music provides, early music training has shown to develop areas of children's brains involved in linguistics, reasoning, and spatial intelligence...and that leads to greater success in school!  Plus, older students who receive music instruction have significantly decreased incidence of substance abuse over the course of their lives.

Music is truly powerful!

In our performing arts program, students are introduced to the basic elements of music and drama while learning to sing and perform as a group.  Students present their songs and skits to an audience of family and friends in evening performances that are a highlight of the year.

Private Music Lessons


We offer private music instruction throughout the school day, a wonderful way to enhance your child’s education!  Through learning to read music and play an instrument, students benefit from improved concentration, attention to detail, self-discipline and achievement through hard work.

Private lessons vary due to teacher availability.  Lessons are once a week for 30 minutes per session, and may occur before or after school, or during recess.  Our goal is not to interfere with classroom instructional time.  For more information, contact the School Office.

BCS Tutoring Program


During the school year and summer, our BCS Tutoring Program supports students who are struggling by providing one-on-one instruction and support.  Tutoring request forms are available at the front desk.

For more information about our program, check out our Elementary Student Life page!