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BCS Program Highlights

It is our joy and privilege to partner with you for your child's education!  BCS provides a warm and structured learning environment with the priorities of safety, academic excellence, and whole-child character development.  Our goal is to equip students to successfully navigate the challenges they will face in the future.

Academic Excellence

Our academic program supports the development of core knowledge and relevant skills for success.  Smaller class sizes facilitate the balance between challenging gifted students and providing pathways to success for students who are struggling, with greater individual attention and teacher accessibility.

Safe Environment

Your children's safety and security are our priority.  We continually consider ways to enhance the safety of our closed campus and to streamline procedures to keep our students as safe and secure as possible.

Christian Values

Our teachers are Christians who value the God-given uniqueness of each child.  Instruction and guidance integrate a distinctively Christian worldview and emphasizes the development of such character traits as a heart for service, a strong work ethic, discernment, social graces, emotional resilience, and firmly-rooted faith.

Structure and Discipline

Our policies and rules exist to maintain a safe, productive and respectful environment in which all students can learn and thrive.