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Our Spiritual Philosophy at BCS

Do You Require All Students to Be Christians?


No, we do not. 

Although we are a distinctly Christian school, we do not require our students or their parents to give lip service to Christian teachings.  However, we do expect students to respect our faith, even as we respect their own freedom to believe as they wish.  Faith is not something individuals can generate within themselves or others.  We present our faith openly and winsomely, and it is our hope that it will ring true in the hearts of all who hear.

What Do You Believe at BCS?


Every person is created with a spiritual longing for God, for purpose, and for hope.  As part of our commitment to students' spiritual development, we teach them the importance of acknowledging their Creator and of living lives of grace, purpose, forgiveness, and hope, based on the truth of the God's Word. 

Ultimately, it is our hope that our students would embrace Christ by faith, and that their lives would be transformed as a result.  However, that choice lies within each individual.

I Have Questions...


As part of each individual's search for truth and meaning, there are bound to be questions along the way.  We do not shrink from honest dialogue, respectful disagreement, and heartfelt questioning.  This is all part of the journey of life, and at BCS, we are thankful for the opportunity to be part of it!